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City Recorder/Finance

The Office of City Recorder strives to provide quality customer service; effectively manage the City’s monetary resources; apply City policies and programs in a fair and equitable manner; foster workplace growth and development of fellow employees; and, uphold the City of Lexington Charter and Municipal Code.

The Office of City Recorder serves as the City of Lexington’s general administrative office providing services for City departments, the community, and the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.  Many responsibilities fall under the direction of this office including general and departmental finance, property tax collection, business license administration, property management, municipal court fines/fees collection, beer and liquor permits, accounts payable, purchasing, human resources, and cemetery management.  The Office is located in City Hall, 33 First Street, along with the Mayor’s office and the Building Inspector/Codes Enforcement Office.


The City Recorder is also the custodian of most City Records and is responsible for records management.  The City’s Open Records Policy can be viewed through the attached link.  There are also links to the City Charter, Municipal Code and other pertinent City documents from this page.


Human Resources

The municipality is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any individual with respect to employment because of the individual's race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sex, or disability.  With the exception of the Police Department, the City only accepts applications when vacant positions are available.  All vacant positions that are not filled by promotion are advertised in the “Lexington Progres” newspaper and on this web site Job Openings.  Applicants must complete an approved City Application.  Resumes may be required for some positions in addition to the application.  When job openings occur, applications and job descriptions may be obtained at the City Recorder’s Office during regular office hours.  A deadline for applications is set for each vacant position.  Applicants must make a separate application for each position they have an interest in.



City Hall
Contact Information

City of Lexington                           
City Hall                            
33 First Street                              
P.O. Box 1699                        
Lexington, TN 38351
(731) 968-3238 Fax
(731) 968-6657 Phone

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday 
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

City Hall Staff

Sue Wood, City Recorder/CFO
Fran Burton, Deputy City Recorder
Ginger Wallace, City Clerk
Karen McClure, City Clerk

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Lexington Cemetery, located at 100 Natchez Trace Drive, is owned and managed by the City of Lexington.  Records are maintained for lot ownership and availability in the City Recorder’s Office.  The older portions in the southeast area of the cemetery were sold by deed to individuals and the City has no record of ownership in these areas.  Currently there are lots available in the northeast sections for $300 per lot.  Contact this Office for information.

Lexington Cemetery Lexington Cemetery Lexington Cemetery


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