Lexington Police Department

Assistant Police Chief Roger Loftin Roger D. Loftin began his law enforcement career with the Lexington Police Department in 1983. During his career he has served as a Patrol Officer, Criminal Investigator, First Line Supervisor, and then appointed Chief in 1990. He currently organizes, directs, and controls all resources of the department’s missions. Please feel free to Email Police Chief Roger Loftin or call him at (731) 968-6666.
Roger Loftin
Police Chief
Assistant Police Chief Barry Roberts Barry Roberts began his law enforcement career in 1990 in Henderson County, TN . He has served as Henderson County Sheriff and has worked through the ranks within LPD. He currently serves as the Departments Assistant Chief and is responsible for, but not limited to Uniform Patrol Division, Communications Divisions, and Asset forfeiture and inventory accountability. Please feel free to Email Assistant Police Chief Barry Roberts or call him at (731) 968-6666.
Barry Roberts
Assistant Police Chief

Captain Jeff Middleton Jeff Middleton began his law enforcement career in 1991 in Henderson County, TN. He has served as Patrol Officer, First Line Supervisor, and Supervisor ofCriminal Investigations and the Lexington/Henderson County Narcotic Unit. His additional duties include: Grant Writing, Training Coordinator, and Commander of the Department’s Special Operations. Please feel free to Email Captain Jeff Middleton or call him at (731) 968-6666.
Jeff Middleton

Our Mission

Is to assure both the real and perceived security of persons and property within the community. This is accomplished through a professional police organization dedicated to serving its citizens and providing necessary police services in a timely fashion.

These services will be efficient and effective; rendered with the most efficient expenditure of available resources; and delivered courteously and professionally.

We shall endeavor to maintain a standard of conduct that is caring, involved and unbiased. We shall be mindful of the high standards of effort and demeanor expected of us by the community In order to earn and maintain their continued trust; confidence, and support.

We shall maintain the integrity of constitutional rights established for the public and individuals alike. We shall strive to be fair, just, and responsive to the needs and feelings of the community.

Our Vision

Is a community environment where the public has full faith and confidence in its police department; it is an environment wherein citizens of the community believe that they are safe and secure in their homes and businesses; and it is an environment wherein the criminal element does not feel safe and secure in its activities.


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