Public Works

Street Department

Our goal is to maintain a safe street network throughout the City while preserving the integrity of our budget and offering prompt courteous service to the residents of Lexington.  

The Street Department is responsible for numerous maintenance projects for City streets.  This includes repairs of streets, storm drains and potholes, street cuts, street sweeping, leaf collection, installation and maintenance of street signs, traffic signals, and right-of-ways.  Street resurfacing is completed based on the condition and traffic load of the street within budget limitations.  Traffic signals are maintained by department employees specifically trained in signal upkeep. 

If you are aware of any problem such as a pothole, a traffic light out, a street sign damaged, etc. or if you want to present a request for resurfacing, please notify City Hall, (731) 968-6657.  If it is an emergency after hours, during the weekend or on a holiday, call the Lexington Police Department, (731) 968-6666, and they will dispatch our on-call person for emergency response.

Leaf Vacuum
For a specific time during the spring and the fall, the Street Department offers leaf pick up by a vacuum system.  This only requires that the property owner rake the leaves to the edge of their property next to the street (not in the street), notify City Hall by calling (731) 968-6657 and then the Street Department will vacuum the leaves for disposal.  This is a service covered through the Garbage fee so there is no additional charge.  At other times when the vacuum is not being offered, leaves must be bagged for pick up by the Waste Collection Department.



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