Lexington Police Department

Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers

The Lexington Police Department welcomes the general public to provide crime tips that will help solve past, present and future criminal activity.  It is important to remember that crime prevention is a two way street between law enforcement and the community.  It is vital that citizens help law enforcement by providing information that will help solve past crimes and that will prevent planned criminal activity.  Those who are willing to provide these tips have the option to remain anonymous or to provide information about themselves such as their names, an address and a telephone number where we can and will contact them.  When providing information about criminal activity, please be as detailed as possible.  Give as much information about the crime, the people involved, the location, the time the crime occurred and the date and any other information that you can provide.  Many times, partial information does not help in solving a crime.  If you would like to report criminal activity there are several ways in which to do so.  First, you may call the “Tip Line” at (731) 968-TIPS. **Please call 911 if your call is an emergency, is urgent, or for crimes in progress.



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